--Not all of these memories are great, but they're mine. Which lends way to believe that none of our lives are put together on an assembly line. We're not pre-packaged with memories or programmed with stories.We have to make our own --- Married to This Fox

So I’ve recently replayed The Last Of Us (because I’m a little shit and stayed up til 8AM to replay it.) and now I want to make an Ellie muse but idk if i should or not -3-

so uh.. should i?




               Sits there til she is noticed 

"Stop sulking, Haruno."


The smirk on Nejis lips turned into a true smile. 

“I have no where to be. Uncle is gone for a few days and Hinata-Sama is on a Mission so I have several days of nothing…we are watching both of these movies tonight. I think Hinata-Sama would have a heart attack if she new I loved these movies.” 

Neji grabbed both movies putting on Rocky first before sitting down and getting comfy on Sasukes couch.

"Alright." Sasuke was slightly stunned into place as he watched the other put the first movie on. Who would have thought  that Neji enjoyed movies like this or would actually want to stay over and watch them both. But Neji could say the same thing about Sasuke in this situation. 

"I’ve never had a movie night with someone before, well besides Naruto but that doesn’t really count since he talks nonstop during them." He chuckled to himself and flipped off the lights in the room they were in before he sat himself down on the space of the couch that was left for him.