--Not all of these memories are great, but they're mine. Which lends way to believe that none of our lives are put together on an assembly line. We're not pre-packaged with memories or programmed with stories.We have to make our own --- Married to This Fox
Anonymous said: omg, ur sass is so adorable and i wanna ro with but im not a rper



//Hahaha thanks c: My Sass is an adorable asshole. And we can still role-play! Over on here or on Skype, you can be an OC or any ol’ character you want. 


rp with us



Friendly reminder that just because you may ship fictional incest, doesn’t mean that you support it in real life. 

This has been a PSA



  • finds the other persons wallet on the street and goes on a quest to give it back au
  • the only two people at a bar rooting for the same football team au
  • dentist waiting room au (seriously that shit takes so long)
  • waiting for a flight that gets delayed au
  • street magician au
  • take the same bus every morning au
  • "stop talking during the movie i am trying to watch dick bag" au
  • having each other’s names on coke bottles and discovering it in the line to pay au

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